Documents for Filing

Below is a general list of what we will need from you to prepare your individual tax return (Form 1040). For business and partnership returns, the OVDP, expatriation, and compliance filing (FBAR and FATCA), we will require additional information.

Personal Information for each Family Member

• Last year’s tax return
• Full legal name
• Social security number (tax ID number for businesses)
• Date of birth
• Voided check (to ensure correct direct deposit information)

Income and Tax Information

• Wage statements (W-2s or statements from foreign employer)
• Interest and/or dividends (1099-INT/DIV)
• Stock sales (1099-B and/or broker statement)
• State/city income tax refund (1099-G)
• Alimony received
• Self-employment income/expenses (business or farm)
• Rental income/expenses
• Form K-1s (partnership, S corporation, estate, or trust)
• Sale of any assets (business, rental, personal residence, etc.)
• Pension/profit sharing/IRA/401K distributions (1099R)
• Social security and/or railroad retirement (SSA)
• Unemployment compensation (1099-G)
• Gambling/lottery winnings (W-2 G)
• Miscellaneous income (1099-MISC)
• Estimated taxes paid (federal/state/city)

Adjustments and Deductions

• IRA/SEP/401K contributions
• Alimony paid
• Education expenses/student loan interest (1099-T/1098-E)
• Medical insurance/expenses
• Real estate/personal property taxes and/or license plate fees
• Charitable contributions (both cash and non-cash)
• Employee expenses (auto, entertainment, travel, moving, educator expenses, etc.)
• Casualty or theft loss
• Miscellaneous expenses (safety deposit box, professional fees, uniforms, union dues, etc.)
• Residential energy credit (receipts for windows, doors, insulation, etc.)

Tax Credits

• Foreign taxes paid
• Adoption expenses


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